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Pumo - the Dog of the Ceramics District - retuns to Grottaglie

At 9 months, a beautiful pure-bred German Shepard was left tied to a railing on a busy road outside of Grottaglie. Fortunately, someone found him and brought him to Grottaglie's Ceramics District where he became of the many neighborhood dogs cared for by the residents and shop owners in the town.

In Puglian towns, stray dogs are very much a part of the social system. There are historic neighborhood dogs who participate in the social activities of the city. The relationship between the citizens and animals is very strong, so the culture is never to close them in kennels unless done as a last resort and only if they are a danger to themselves or to others.

Post highway rescue, the German Shepard was named Pumo, after "Il Pumo" a popular handcrafted ceramic artifact typical of Grottaglie representing a rosebud that is about to blossom and symbolizes good fortune. Friendly, sweet, obedient, I don't know anyone who didn't adore this dog. But that someone did exist, and filed a report against this sweet furry baby. Pumo was taken away and placed in a kennel an hour away.

The entire town revolted and rallied behind Pumo. The administration got involved and Pumo was returned two weeks later. Today Pumo resides at the BAR DELLE CERAMICHE, Stop by. Have a coffee or drink and say hello to this amazing creature.

  1. Pumo the dog. 2. Il Pumo. 3. Quartiere delle Ceramiche

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